Boc-3 Process Agent

Boc-3 Process Agents are required to be filed with FMCSA when you file an OP-1 Application for a MC #.  The BOC-3 form contains a list of agents who will receive any legal or official papers on your behalf and will then forward them to you as the carrier.  If you are a For-Hire Interstate Motor Carrier, you must have a designated agent in each state.

Bicehouse Consulting & Services can have this form filed for you with the FMCSA.  A copy of this filing will be forwarded to you as the carrier.

BOC-3 Form Filing (includes B.C. & S. fees & filing fees) — $50.00

You may be required by FMCSA to file an updated BOC-3 if you recently filed for a name change on your authority. Bicehouse Consulting & Services can have your BOC-3 filed the same day upon request.

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